"My daughter Hannah has studied with Jeff Passero for the past few years and he is one of the only people that can pull out every last ounce of potential she possesses for a scene or monologue. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about mentoring young actors for a career in the entertainment industry and his enthusiasm for their success is unending. His range of experience within the business provides him with a perspective which enables his students to be better prepared when entering an audition room. Jeff needs to be on every actor's "go to" list if they are serious about their craft."
- Jennifer Miller-McEachern

"Your passion is infectious. You expect the best and challenge actors like none other."
- Bethany Constance
Personal Talent Management

"Jeff has helped me prepare for nearly every audition I've been on. His experience as an actor and casting director has been invaluable. He has a genuine love of the craft, and it shows. I'm a better actor for having known and worked with Jeff Passero."
- Bebe Wood (age 11)
Series Regular on THE NEW NORMAL (NBC)

"Jeff Passero is one of the most creative casting directors I've worked with in my career. He is an all around filmmaker who is able to match the expectations of the producers and directors of a film with the right actor because he has a keen understanding of the elements of drama and storytelling. His taste is impeccable and the positive energy he brings to a project is truly contagious."
- Jeff Geoffray, Producer
Blue Rider Pictures

"Jeff Passero is first and foremost a man of the theatre. Few people bring as much knowledge to the table as Jeff. As an experienced performer, producer, director & teacher, he brings an understanding and insight that few possess. As a casting director, Jeff has a perspective as to how our profession operates at the highest level. His passion and joy for his work is infectious. Jeff is a joy to know and work with."
- Stephen Tobolowsky

"Jeff Passero is a wonderful casting director, and did an absolutely perfect job of casting my film, FRANKIE AND JOHNNY ARE MARRIED. He has vision and sensitivity to the creative process, and he brings a strong point of view to his work. He makes a director's life easy, and the casting process enjoyable. I can't say enough good things about Jeff."
- Michael Pressman

"Jeff Passero has a great eye for talent. Before they were stars, he championed Angelina Jolie, Mira Sorvino and David Paymer. I must admit I didn't always see the future star that he did.".
- Katt Shea
Director of POISON IVY, CARRIE 2 SHARING THE SECRET (with Alison Lohman)

"Jeffery Passero is a first rate interpreter of David Craig's technique. His class is invaluable."
- Lonny Price
Broadway Director of A Class Act; 110 In the Shade; Urban Cowboy; Master Harold and the Boys

"Jeff's coaching allows me to explore the intentions of my character while still keeping it natural. After working with him, I had a much firmer grasp of the character, which assisted me greatly in landing the part of Fredrika."
- Katherine McNamara
Actress/Singer (2010 Broadway revival of A Little Night Music)

"If you're looking for a teacher who can give you specific tools and technique for the craft of acting, Jeff is the perfect teacher. He is incredibly clear and gives his students tangible pathways to becoming a better actor."
- Doug Carpenter

"Jeffery Passero is a superb teacher and has a great passion for the art of performing. He conveys the essence of how to go forward with 'actions' and 'objectives' along with insights into character, which facilitate a complete portrayal of the role. Jeff also enabled, through his direction of me in Simon Gray's 'Molly', a depth of performance that I could not have realized without his devotion and belief".
- Giselle Wolf

"Jeff Passero is a gifted teacher. He has the "golden key" to the pathway of finding the true breadth of your character. He encouraged me to draw from my own unresolved relationships to focus on what I want, as it relates to my character´┐Żs overall objective, and to go after it with fierce determination."
- Idella Johnson


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